Fantastic Triple Play Deals by Spectrum Erie Pa

In the past couple of years more and more Americans are opting for Charter bundle deals.

Fiber cable services of Charter are aggressively expanding.

Along with Comcast, Spectrum in Erie Pa is one of the largest cable service provider offering high-speed internet and cable TV services to millions of homes.

Since the merger with Bright House and Time Warner Cable, the network covers a population of 101.5 million customers across 45 states.

Spectrum business internet provides a speed of 940 Mbps.

When it comes to pricing Charter presents a standardized and straightforward pricing system with lots of free offers out of which the contract buyout for new customers is the most famous one.

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Spectrum Triple Play Plans

Triple Play, Double Play, and Single play deals offer customization features to suit your unique needs.

Whether you’re looking for Triple Play deal or are just in search of a single service of internet, TV or Phone, there are multiple options in Erie Pa.

Charter offers the best promotions and plans on Triple Play deals. Triple Play packages include Select, Silver, and Gold.


Select: Avail high-speed internet with the speed of 100 Mbps; a Voice set with 28 calling features and 125+ HD cable TV channels with Select. The select package costs $89.97/month.

Silver: Silver provides internet and phone services same as Select.

Cable TV with Silver is upgraded to provide 50 more HD channels, which amounts to 175 in total including 10,000 On-Demand options.

With Spectrum in Erie Pa, Subscribers will access 100 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload speeds that are faster than the DSL connection.

In addition to that consumers will get professional installation service free of cost.

Charter Spectrum provides all of its leading services without any contract.

Customers get contract buyout offer of $500.

Gold: Enjoy a bunch of premium channels with the Triple Play Gold deal.

Watch 200 HD channels including premium channels such as The Movie Channel, Starz, TMC, Starz Encore and NFL RedZone.

Free Modem and DVR equipment are included with the Triple Play deal. 

Consumers get to access thousands of movies, local channels, Pay per View Videos and unlimited calling minutes at a reasonable rate of $129.97/month.

Subscribers can enjoy amazing Charter cable deals at a one-year promotional rate, after which the regular rate of $199.97/month gets applied.

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Spectrum Double Play and Single Play Deals

Consumers are not bound to get only triple play deals; customize any deal by selecting your favorite services to meet your needs of entertainment and connectivity.

Pairing options include:

  • TV+ Voice at $ $59.98/month
  • Internet + TV at $ 89.98/month
  • Internet + Voice $59.98/month

Single Play deals include internet, TV or Spectrum Voice services. Internet only deals costs $44.99/month. By pairing the internet with other services users definitely will save a lot.

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Top Charter Spectrum Internet & HD Cable TV Deals

Are you looking for a provider who is delivering the services of internet, phone and cable TV in a single package?

Fiber cable services have brought attractive plans of Triple Play Deals.

Three-in-one deals provide Charter Spectrum internet of 100 Mbps, digital Voice set and up to 200 TV channels in high-definition.


Fastest Available Internet

Spectrum is providing blazing-fast internet of up to 100 Mbps, which works faster than the DSL.

With high-speed internet, you can download games in seconds, watch online streaming, and play online games without experiencing lags in performance.

Spectrum brings a contract buyout offer of $500 for those who bound because of agreements with other providers and can’t switch from their service because of the contract.

With Spectrum, customers will never have to make contracts or pay extra fees or taxes. You can get all the services without any contract.

A 100 Mbps spectrum internet connection is more than enough to surf, stream, and download your all favorite content.

Security Suite and Parental Control services are provided free of cost with all of the Triple Play deals.

Security Suite is available for, PC, Mac, Tablet and cell phones. 

Consumers also get real-time protection against harmful and malicious software such as Trojans, and Malware.

The software keeps your system safe and stops any hacking attempts.

The Security Suite provides safe browsing, by automatically detecting and blocking/removing spyware.

The charter guide offers many Parental Control features to block sites, set time limits and control web surfing.


Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspot

With the Wi-Fi hotspot, you can access Wi-Fi anywhere in the city.

You can connect any of your portable devices to the Wi-Fi hotspots and enjoy watching live channels, movies, or local sports sitting in the park or outside of your house.

Enable Wi-Fi on any of your portable devices. You can enable the 30 minutes trial to test the speed before subscription. To enable the trial option:


  • Select the Charter Spectrum internet Wi-Fi from the available networks
  • Open the free Wi-Fi page and sign in to get the access
  • Enter your username and password
  • Review the terms and conditions
  • Enter the code after getting the confirmation email or text message
  • Enjoy the free access to Wi-Fi.

Charter Internet Offer for Businesses

Business customers get the high-speed internet of 940 Mbps to run their business efficiently.

The business deal includes free services your business needs.

Free services include custom email addresses, internet security, cloud backup up and more.

The rates start at an affordable $44.97/month.


Affordable Charter Cable TV Deals

Spectrum Triple Play deals offer Select, Silver and Gold TV.

Silver offers 125+ channels with the free HD and free DVR services.

Silver offers more than 175+ HD channels including, Starz, Cinemax, Showtime and more.

Triple Play Gold provides 200+ HD channels to the subscribers.

The most-watched Gold channels include Cinemax, The Movie Channel, HBO and more.

With DVR service you can record up to 2 shows at once, while watching another show. Business DVR records up to 780 hours.

Affordable Charter Cable TV, Internet & Phone Deals

Charter Cable TV is a telecommunication company in the U.S, known for delivering the services of cable TV, internet and phone.

Subscribers of Charter Cable TV bundles get 100 Mbps internet, Spectrum Digital Voice with 28 unique features and cable TV with Triple Play deals.

Triple Play deals include Select, Silver, and Gold.

All of the Triple Play deals include free services of Digital Video Recorder, high-performance Modem, Free HD, Security Suite and Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Select provides 125+ HD channels including HBO, SyFy, TNT, TBN, Velocity HD, PBS, TBS, We, Fox sun life and more.

With Triple Play Silver deal consumers can access over 175+ HD channels, 100 Mbps internet and Voice set of 28 calling features.

Triple Play Silver is an upgrade over Select and provides high-quality channels such as HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and lots of more HD content.

With the free DVR service, you can record and store up to 780 hours or entertainment.

Triple Play Gold provides you with the best cable TV lineup containing 200+ HD channels.


Spectrum Cable TV lineup with free HD

Charter TV provides premium cable TV channels for the ardent TV watchers in America.

Subscribers can access 200+ digital and 10,000 On Demand content within $64.99/month.

Consumers can save money with double play deal by pairing TV & internet or TV & Voice.

It is wise to go for the Triple Play deals if you want to save even more each month. In addition to massive savings, consumers can get free services of DVR, Security Suite, and Parental Controls.

Cable TV delivers all type of content including, Cooking shows, games, local sports, live interviews, educational videos, health and fitness and more. 

Security Suite protects your system against harmful and malicious software providing the safe web surfing by automatically removing malware when you browse any site.


Blistering Fast Internet with Spectrum Cable

Charter is providing high-speed internet of 100 Mbps to residential customers.

Business users can request to upgrade the speeds to up to 940 Mbps.

Regardless of the package, consumers with 100 Mbps or 940 Mbps, both can stream and surf smoothly without experiencing any issues.

They can watch videos, download, and upload and play online games with unlimited data.

Charter Cable TV provides a contract buyout offer of $500 for those who are in agreement with a provider they no longer want to subscribe to.


If consumers choose Spectrum, they will never have to pay any hidden charges after subscribing to any of Triple Play, Double Play or single service deals.

The Internet only deal costs subscribers $44.99/month. If you pair the cable internet with Voice, it will cost you $59.98/month.

The services of internet, cable tv and spectrum voice service will cost you $89.97/month. (29.97dollars per service).

You can download Spectrum TV app to watch any of your favorite shows on your portable devices such as cell phones, Tablet, PC or iPod and also connect more than five devices without data caps or bandwidth throttling.


Make a call to Spectrum TV service & access the affordable deals.

Do you love watching traditional cable TV sitting with your family?

Spectrum is providing the best cable deal in the USA.

Charter has been ranked among the highest cable TV providers for the affordability and availability of the service.

You will experience more HD than any other TV service providers with Charter TV.

Call Spectrum to select the deal that fulfills your entertainment needs.


Access the Triple Play Deals of Cable TV

Charter Triple Play deals include Triple Play Select, Triple Play Silver, and Triple Play Gold.

The select package offers 125+ HD channels, with the free DVR, high-performance Modem, Security Suite, Parental Controls, and free installation service.

The select deal cost you $89.97/month. All features mentioned above are included in this fantastic deal.

There is something for everyone. All of your family members will find a bunch of their favorite content.

Triple Play Silver offer, 175+ cable TV channels at $109.97/month.

Silver channels include Cinemax, HBO, Starz, and The Comedy Central and a lot more.

You will access the TV, internet and Charter Voice services without any contract, hidden fees, or extra taxes.

Triple Play deals provide the high-speed internet of 100 Mbps. Charter offers $500 for terminating the old contract.

Triple Play deals fulfill both your business and residential needs with easy to remember one bill.

Triple Play Gold provides 200+ Channels, 100mbps internet and the Voice set with 28 calling features.

All channels are available in high definition.

The gold deal can be yours only for $129.97/month.


State of the art DVR service with Charter Spectrum deals

Charter offers the free DVR service with Triple Play deals.

Digital Video Recorder records many hours of recording in digital format in the hard drive.

You can quickly select and manage the list of recorded programs with the customize guide. DVR service let you:

  • Record your favorite shows, live programming, and movies seamlessly,
  • Schedule recording at any time of the day
  • Record, pause, and rewind live shows
  • Record in HD or the standard quality
  • Record 2 shows at once while watching the third show
  • Record and store, premium channels such as HBO, Starz, Showtime, Cinemax, The Movie Channel, ESPN and more.

You can attach your DVR of the different model with the Cable TV.

Charter gives you the perfect combination of fun and connectivity by giving you the access to high-speed internet, home phone service, and HD cable TV.

You can call Spectrum TV support center to access your desired TV and DVR services.


Spectrum TV App

Download the TV App to watch TV on your cell phone, tablet, iPhone, iPod, or PC.

Browse guide listing, watch live content, On-Demand programming, and your local sports.

To watch TV on the TV App, you need the Spectrum Username and password.

Select, “Agree” on the License Agreement screen and view whatever you want.

You can browse your favorite movies, live sports, health, and fitness channels, cooking shows, HD or standard definition content, educational channels, and entertainment of all kinds with the free App.

Top Fiber Cable Services Of Charter Spectrum In Austin

Charter provides the attractive cable services of high-speed internet, digital Voice, and HD cable TV service.

You can get all of these three at $89.97/month with a Triple Play deal.

Free services of Spectrum in Austin include DVR, Wi-Fi Modem, and internet installation service.


High-Speed Spectrum Internet

Charter 100mbps internet speed is enough to run many devices and keep your family members connected.

You can stream premium movies, play & download massive games without experiencing lag in the performance.

With the free Security Suite feature, you will be able to protect your system from harmful Trojans, Viruses, harmful software and hackers.

Security Suite includes Parental Controls that will help you monitor the activity of your kids by setting time limits and controlling what they can watch


Spectrum Cable TV Service

Charter cable TV deals give you access to 200+ HD channels and 10,000 On-Demand content.

Watch TV on your smartphone, Tablet, iPod, or laptop by downloading 60+ channels on the Spectrum apps.

There’s something for everyone. You will find content on almost everything including News & weather, Cooking, Sports, hollywood horror movies, and more.

With the free DVR, you can record up to 2 shows at once and store many hours of content.

You can set the scheduled recording even when DVR is turned off.

After subscription, you can choose your favorite model to record your shows.

With Motorola DVR you can store more than 100 hours of entertainment.

Cisco DVR with 160 GB hard drive can record up to 90 hours of content.


Home phone service

Spectrum in Austin provides 28 features to the consumers. Calling features include, Nomorobo, Trace Call, International Call Blocking, Selective Call Forwarding and more.

Through Nomorobo feature you can block unwanted calls from telemarketers and stop receiving all kinds of robotic calls with the push of a button.

User can easily connect with your family and friends by making local, and long distance calls with the unlimited data.


Triple Play Select

The excellent deal offers 125+ channels, 100mbps blazing fast internet, and home phone service with 28 calling features.

You get the free DVR service with the parental controls and Security Suite.

Select channels include ESPN, HGTV, CNN, A&E and more.

Triple Play Silver

The silver deal offers more than 175 HD channels to the viewers, with 100mbps internet speed and 28 calling features.

Voice features local and long distance calling and unlimited data.

Select TV broadcasts most watched channels such as Showtime, HBO, Cinemax, and more.

Triple Play Gold

The gold deal offers over 200+ HD channels, 100mbps internet, and 28 calling features.

Gold provides all the silver features plus a lot of premium attributes.

With the constant internet speed and enhanced home spectrum phone service, you get the perfect combination of entertainment and connectivity through Spectrum.




Top Fiber Cable Deals of Charter Spectrum in Lincoln Ne

Do you want to know which provider in your area is offering the best and affordable cable TV and internet services?

Spectrum brings affordable Triple Play deals of the internet, cable TV, and phone.

Charter internet provides 100 Mbps speed to residential users and 940mbps to the business customers.

You can access 200+ HD channels and 10,000 On-Demand programming.

Home phone service includes 28+calling features, 114 directory assistance and access to enhanced 911 services.

Spectrum in Lincoln Ne buys out your existing contract of up to $500.

You will never have to pay hidden fees or extra charges for any of Triple Play or Double Play Deals.

You get the 30-day money back guarantee after subscription.

Triple Play deals include:

  • Triple Play Select
  • Triple Play Silver
  • Triple Play Gold


Get Monster Savings with Triple Play Select

Select deal offers 125+ HD cable channels that include high-quality latest shows, Ultra-Realistic 3D movies, and live sports.

You get the free installation service and Wi-Fi setup with the subscription.

Internet speed starts at 100mbps and can be increased upon demand.

With home phone service, you can make local and international calls.

The 28 calling features include Voicemail, International Call Blocking, Forward Selected Calls, Trace Call, and more.

The Select deal costs you 89.97 dollars per month.


Combine Cable TV, Internet and Phone For Better Savings

The Silver deal offers 175+ HD channels with 100mbps internet speed and 28 calling features.

If you want the highest speed for running a business you have the option to increase internet speeds up to 940mbps.

In fact, you can even increase the number of calling features.

You get the free Wi-Fi router, enhanced DVR and the internet installation service with Spectrum in Lincoln Ne.

Watch HBO Go; Max Go, Showtime Anytime NFL Network, and more.

The Silver deal cost you $109.97/month only.


The Best Charter Spectrum Triple Play Deal – Triple Play Gold

Triple Play Gold offers 200 HD channels, 100mbps internet and home phone service with 28 calling features.

200 channels include Cinemax, TMC Starz, NFL Network, Starz Encore, RedZone, and more.

Watch premium channels of HBO Go, Max Go, Starz and, a lot more.

With the high-speed internet, you can stream movies, play videos games, and download large files in seconds. 

You can get the Gold at a fair price of $129.97/month.

DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

Spectrum provides the free service of DVR with all Triple Play packages.

You can record, and store many hours of content with the push of a button.

Schedule recording is possible even when DVR is turned off. You can also record premium On-Demand shows at HBO STARZ and more.


Spectrum Internet Service

Charter provides the blazing-fast broadband of 100mbps for the residents of Lincoln NE.

Spectrum Internet service includes a free Security Suite that protects your PC from Trojans, malware, viruses, and other harmful software. 

You get the faster speed than DSL to support all the devices at your home.

You can subscribe to internet only or Triple Play deal without any contract or extra fees.

Internet only deal cost you $44.99/month.

It is highly recommended to get the three in one combo deal, as the internet rate will reduce to $29.99/month.

Everything you need to know about the services of charter cable

Charter Communication is one of the most famous companies in America.

It is providing entertainment and communication products including the services of TV, internet, and Voice.

Charter is facilitating all-important communications that connect more than 26 million people in 41 states.

Residential and business customers are equally getting the advantage of the services of TV, internet, and phone.

My cable internet is one of the well-known retailers of Spectrum that’s providing all these fantastic services.

  • Spectrum TV offers 200+ free channels in HD that’s more than any other provider, Free DVR service and access to On-Demand choices.
  • Spectrum Internet provides the 100mbps internet speed that’s faster than DSL.
  • With Spectrum internet, consumers can download/upload large files in seconds without sacrificing performance.
  • Robust in-home Wi-Fi is provided to connect many devices with one connection.
  • Free Wi-Fi hotspots are available all across the USA.
  • Spectrum Voice provides the customers with unlimited calling across the globe. Plus! free 411 and 911 services are available.
  • Spectrum Business works for small businesses to help them grow and achieve better results. Small companies are supported by delivering reliable internet and Voice service. This business service includes the provision of all top-tier digital services.
  • Spectrum Enterprise Solutions provide bandwidth and support to build business-to-business solutions.

“We, at our core, are a service organization. And every product we sell has a huge service component.”

Tom Rutledge- President and CEO

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Get access to unlimited Spectrum cable TV series

Charter Cable gives you thousands of options to choose from. You can access 200+ free and unlimited On-Demand choices.

Charter TV provides you a variety of channels such as Cartoon Network HD, Golf Channel HD, Food Network HD, Starz, and more.

Download the Spectrum App and on your laptop and watch all free and premium shows.

You can watch HD movies, local and international series, live concerts, news, and reality shows with the subscription of television deals.

Enjoy your non-stop entertainment roller coaster with 3000+ On-Demand options.

Get the freedom of choosing your desired lineup, at only $29.99/month.

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Watch the list of blockbusters movies with a premium subscription






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Get super-fast internet and phone service

Spectrum high-speed internet in the United States begins at 100mbps faster than DSL.

With the lightning-fast internet, you can stream high-quality HD videos, download and upload large files without experiencing any issue in the performance.

Besides, Charter secures your system against hackers, malicious software, and Trojans using Security Suite.

Parental Control gives you the authority of monitoring the web activity.

You can also block harmful and inappropriate websites with this stupendous software.

Charter offers three types of Triple Play packages, Select, Silver, and Gold. These packages charge you $89.97, $109.97, and $129.97 respectively.

With all three Triple Play deal, you get the free services of Security Suite, Parental Controls, Modem, and DVR (Digital video recorder).

Moreover, you get the enhanced digital Voice set that includes 28 calling features such as:

  • Nomorobo
  • Call Waiting with Caller ID
  • Block Unwanted Callers
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Caller ID on TV
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Block International Calls
  • Forward Calls
  • Accept Selected Callers

You can make local, and long distance calls across Mexico, Mariana Island, Puerto Rico, and the U.S.

Moreover you get free 114 directory assistance and 911 emergency services.

Contact us if you’re relocating and want to get the services of Charter to your new residence.